Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What comes to your mind as soon as you think if the ferocious and wild, of course it’s the tiger. It is one of the most aggressive animals of the jungle. It has made poets like William Blake to ponder on how god created this ferocious tiger on earth where he placed the gentle lamb in one of his beautiful works “The Tiger”. Its not just humans who have disciplines in life even animals possess such disciplines for themselves. No two tiger will share the same sector as that of another. Each tiger has its own kingdom around which the other wont enter at any stage. Of about 20 cm radius around the place it lives lays its kingdom where the others wont enter. The forest that possesses a tiger is considered as the grandeur of all richness of the forest. It possesses everything from the basic anteater to all individuals of the food pyramid. God not just designed our life with differences making us to wonder but also every other animal’s life makes us say he is great.

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